Reclaiming the Deprived Child – a Three-Part Series


A three-call series to deeply investigate that Deprived Child archetype and its affect on your ability to fully trust in the Divine.

If there are unconscious places in your psyche that hold mistrust of the Divine (and you can definitely find them if you honestly look within) that means you will never be able to really give up trying to control outcomes, you will always go into some level of fear when faced with the unknown, and continue to find yourself unsettled by major changes. And we live at a time in human history, where sudden, dynamic and rapid change is the order of the day.

But the awesome realization is that working with the deprived child leads to these places being revealed and released!

Which is why I find this topic is very timely indeed and based upon the feedback from those of you on the first call in this series, so do you. It feels important to stay with the momentum, so we’re offering a three-call approach this month. The first call is the March 26th Kick-Ass Processing call. The 2nd call is on Sunday April 2nd 8:30am Pacific.  The third call will be held on Saturday April 15th, 8:30am Pacific. We’ll take a different approach on the second call — one that I’m finding most effective for myself — which is similar to how we release frozen children. The third call will probably include another square — or who knows, we may find a new and different one of our powerful tools will show up — we’ll see!