The Sovereign State Satsang


Join Victoria for a special new moon/partial eclipse call recorded on Sunday September 13th  for the profound emanation of presence that is called forth from each of us when we come together in Satsang.  As we talk, you will recognize the vibration of Truth in what you feel, what you hear, and what you share.

This month our journey of collective ascension is receiving a really significant energetic upgrade. This will enhance the capacity that resides within each one of us to finally and fully claim our true sovereign nature – our birthright; that which does not bow down in subservience to, nor seek validation from, any projected authority or ‘God’ outside. It is time, and we are now ready to actualize our true sovereignty.

Does this sound intriguing? If so, join us for our third foray into this powerfully transformative dialogue and transmission.

This call was recorded on September 13, 2015