Finding Your True North — Taking a Courageous Inner Inventory; Audio


What is your True North? How do you know when you’re on or off track with your inner growth? What can you use as a compass or internal navigation system?

In honor of the powerful Equinox weekend, on Saturday, September 21st at 8:00am PDT we’ took a quick dip into the waters of taking a courageous inner inventory— specifically focusing on Balance and Harmony.  This will be a hands-on exploration of a well recognized and most fruitful method of self-discernment.

Self inventory is a tool that provides the groundwork for deep and lasting change. It can be used as a map to find where we are and like a compass to give feedback on the direction we’re heading. We can spot what is yet unfinished, ignored or misunderstood within, thus taking us out of alignment with our own true north.

Contrary to what may be commonly believed, the purpose of an inventory is not to find out how good or bad we are. Its purpose is to help us start exactly where we are. That is the feedback which allows us to continue in the direction we understand as our true north.

Our lead in this quest is Deborah Elms (aka Deborah Monk).  She officially began meditation and mindfulness practices in 1982 but had considered herself a mystic since she first heard the word.  As a mentor and teacher for 20+ years, she remains a persistent explorer of what brings her (and others) into greater Light, deeper Stillness, and a clearer sense of Presence.

Recorded on September 21, 2019