Solstice with Anna B — Video & Audio Recordings


June 2021 Solstice
A Celebration of Reverence with Anna Breytenbach

As natural cycles run their course we are inherently attuned to them in body, heart and soul. Only our minds seem to be separate until we turn our conscious attention to the greater vibrational field. In so “doing”, we may experience being more in flow and harmony.

I am delighted to share with you the replays of this very special gathering with my beloved friend and world famous interspecies communicator Anna Breytenbach. Wherever you are in the world, north and south, summer and winter, the seasonal peak of solstice was celebrated by the ancient peoples from whom we all descended.

Many learnings abound in exploring the depths of darkness and the clarity of light. Drawing from the wisdoms of nature and her creatures, Anna will share some contemplations for you to take into your own lives. Our time together ended with a beautiful guided meditation to embrace and honor all of creation.  

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Enjoy this luminous, heart-expanding and over-the-top Solstice celebration at any time with the replays!

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