Special Holy Days Meditation & Live Sound Bath


Note: This level of exchange is for my BodyAwake & Energy Codes Family!

I am so excited to announce a special event to celebrate the Sacred Holy Days in this spectacular year of magnificent vibrational ascension. On Saturday, December 16th at 10:00am Pacific, we’ll have an opportunity to immerse within the powerful energies of the season with a profound meditation, and live 45-minute Sound Bath!

Our lovely friend Susan Eva will join us to soothe, delight and alchemize your body, mind and spirit into a field of clarity and Oneness as we relax and attune with the extraordinary resonance of her Chrystal Alchemy Healing Bowls. Susan has a very special relationship with her exquisite healing bowls and this will surely be a most grace-filled and uplifting gathering at the height of the most profound and sacred time of the year.

Join us on Saturday, December 16th at 10:00am Pacific to enjoy a journey into the exquisite dimension of your true multi-dimensional Self; the one that is always free, sovereign and eternally present.