October Spiraling Back on the Basics of Spirituality & Mysticism Module 3 — The Dynamics of Perception & Projection Audio Recordings


Join us for Module 3 in a new series to re-visit the fundamentals of awakening to enlightened consciousness while living and working in a world in major transition. During this month’s calls on  October 13th and 27th, at 8:00am PDT we continue our series with Module Three — The Dynamics of Perception and the System of Projection.

It is said that Enlightenment is direct perception without mental modification. I always understood that to mean that enlightened perception is crystal clear, without the filtering of the mind. Free of the bias, opinions, limiting beliefs that so crowd the mind with its incessant story-lines. And while that is true, there is much more to that statement than meets the eye. Perception involves all of the senses, intuition, the gut and heart brains, as well as the opening of higher centers of wisdom. It is quite an exploration, and one that we take on during the first call of Module Three.

What is the  System of Projection?  With our desires and repulsions, we push and pull people, events and experiences either towards or away from us. These energetic flows, also known as projections, create what we believe to be the outside, our very own personalized matrix of perception. The non-dual truth is that there is NO outside. When you look out at your world, what you see is only what you have created with your own projections.

It is as if you are sitting on the inside an egg, which is closed except for a tiny crack. What you think you see through the crack on the ‘outside’ is actually what you have projected onto the inside screen of your personal egg-shell of reality. The movie that plays on your egg-shell of reality is called your ‘life’, your own personalized matrix of perception.

The truth is that our thoughts, beliefs, judgments and knotted internal issues are what create this eggshell of our world. And the unseen dynamic is how the opposite side of our conscious awareness, which has been stuffed into the unconscious, contributes even more powerfully to this matrix of mis-perception.

Recorded on October 13th and 27th, 2019