Cellular Illumination — Six 90-Minute Sessions


Full Embodiment is the Key to Enlightenment Now
Six 90-Minute Sessions

During this time of massive reset in global consciousness, I am offering a 6-session private mentoring series for personal meditation & embodiment guidance. This series is for those who are ready to upgrade their meditation & embodiment practices into an entire new octave of mastery. To experience the exquisite reality of cellular illumination as embodied Truth. I can think of no better time than this moment of huge global Acceleration to embark on this journey.

Meditation has been called my “Super Power“. There is nothing that I love more than imparting what nearly 50 years of practice and my own innate body-wisdom has revealed to me about the sensory body’s magical capacities. An entire new dimension of embodiment is open to us now. As Energy Beings who have taken on a body as a vessel to express our Soul’s highest destiny, this approach to embodied meditation opens the gates of heaven on earth like no other.

If you’re ready to take full advantage of the amazing opportunity of this time of Extraordinary Transformation with the personal guidance in the path of Conscious Embodiment & Meditation, over a 3 month period, then this series is for you.

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