The Path of Soulful Inquiry — 3 One-Hour Sessions


Personal Mentoring — 3-Session Series

During this very special time of massive reset in global consciousness, I am being guided to offer a 3-session private mentoring series of 1-hour consultations for anybody who feels that they could use some extra guidance and support.

The energies of this extraordinary circumstance — this new now — are here to support each of us in letting go of all that remains of the old survival programming and embark on a new destiny, a new reality; one of living fully from our sacred heart. All we need to do is choose to embrace and resolve the remaining hold outs in our protective personality that are being flushed up by the current situation.

The gift I offer is the ability to hold space within a field of unconditional love, while providing gentle guidance in using whichever of the available tools will best serve you. My intent is always to support your own capacity to find the answers that already reside within — and encouraging you to tap into your own inner resources.

If  you’re ready take full advantage of the amazing opportunity of this time of  Extraordinary Transformation, this series is for you.