The Alchemical Chamber 3-day Virtual Intensive Recordings


Offered by David Manning and Victoria More

The intensity of these extraordinary times in which we live is not letting up. In fact as you might have noticed, our evolution continues to accelerate on a seemingly daily basis — hurtling us into new realms, dimensions and spheres.

For long ages we have lived disconnected from the deep creative forces that are now beginning to consciously play through us. As these energies become more and more apparent, they invite our attention, interaction and alignment. We are beginning to remember, or re-vision ourselves as Creator Beings who can truly create and alter ‘realities’. (See intensive brochure here).

Join with Victoria and David for the audio recordings from a 3-day weekend intensive of deep exploration and immersion into the fields of our co-creative potential. Enjoy!

Calls were recorded on April 7th, 8th and 9th.