The Compassion Factor (Audio Replay)


Powerful Key for Opening the Heart

At some point on this mysterious and wonderful journey of Self-Discovery, we come to comprehend that truly, “it all comes down to love“. Love is not only the essence of the terrain we encounter when we enter the realms of the heart, but it is the most powerful force in this universe. The glue that holds together the fabric of creation.

Opening the heart is the only way to embody this powerful frequency and move into the states of Self-Realization and Oneness. Authentic compassion is the key for entering these higher planes of existence.

I am very excited to offer the recording of this Satsang and Meditation, for you to consider how to access and what it truly means, to walk the path of higher destiny that awaits when we claim the key of compassion.

This call was recorded on March 11, 2018

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