The Radical Reset of 2016 — An Arcturian Transmission


Satsang and Transmission

It became apparent during the 2016 New Years virtual retreat that our radical resolutions morphed right into a radical reset or reboot over a few short days!

This is the year to finally transcend our ideas, beliefs, and yes— superstitions — about who we are, our place in the Cosmos, and what it means to “wake up” or become “enlightened”. What has served in the past, is now turning into an energetic firewall, and shedding these limiting beliefs has never been more critical or fortunately, easy to do.  Our prospects are thrilling and it is the perfect time to jump on board.

During this recording we are gifted with a powerful Arcturian transmission to gently align us more effectively into the new frequencies. Recorded on January 16, 2016