Amplified Group Clearing—Releasing Frozen Children


Releasing Frozen Children

Join us for a deep dive into the amplified power of a group healing/clearing experience. When deep emotional shadow arises and catches you by surprise, it invariably has roots in early childhood wounding. As young children we didn’t have the language to express our authentic selves with their difficult emotions to our parents or other authority figures, and who were probably too busy to listen anyway. As a result we simply shut down. This coping mechanism created veiled aspects of our younger self—frozen children—who remain locked inside us in unresolved states. They are stuck in the past, frozen off at the age when the trauma occurred.

During this call Victoria guides us through a powerful vehicle for liberating/releasing our frozen children. We partner with the ‘angelic realms’ and go deeply within to locate these frozen off aspects of our child self and invite them to express the painful impressions they are holding in the unconscious.  Simultaneously we provide the loving and compassionate support that was missing at the time.  Finally, the experience completes when they are ready to release and let go back into Source – home at last – loved and resolved into Oneness!

See Releasing Frozen Children for a full description of this powerful technique.

This call was recorded on November 11, 2014