Walking Upon Mother Africa — April 20 through May 6, 2017


With Victoria More and Ruth Underwood
April 20 – May 6, 2017 (16 Days)

“Once You have Walked Upon Mother Africa
Your Life will Never be the Same”

An intimate seventeen day retreat on the move in the northeast corner of South Africa,  journeying to and exploring places of great spiritual power, renewal and natural beauty.

Most of the places we visit are on the Nilotic Meridian, one of the earth’s major meridians that transits the length of Africa. Many mystical places such as the Giza Plateau, the Temples on the Nile, the Great Zimbabwe ruins and Timbavati, birthplace of the White Lions, lie directly on this meridian, as does the Blyde River Canyon.

The South African bushveld is an extraordinary place—unique in all the world—where the virgin bush is so vast and untamed that there are more animals than people. In this energy there are very few thought forms, which fosters deep and profound meditation and a great relaxation of mind, body and spirit. One can let go into the enormity of the inner and outer landscape and experience the mystical nature of the land and animals. It is difficult to describe and should rather be experienced – we have come to call it the African Dreamtime.

Entering into the African Dreamtime triggers a radical dissolution of the separate mind and an awakening of inner silence, unity and interconnectedness with the web of life. We perceive this to be one of the great gifts that Mother Africa offers to visitors from the Western world.

Those that come for this experience are brought to their inner core of stillness and reconnected with something ancient and primeval within themselves. Join us for this deep immersion into the African Dreamtime experience.

Price of this journey per person double occupancy: $6800  (A deposit of $1000 secures your place)

Please see our beautiful Brochure for more information and a visual preview of this journey of a lifetime.