Yoga for Conscious Embodiment — Wednesdays at 9:00am Pacific


Enlightenment and Embodiment Yoga Classes

The Conscious Embodiment approach to yoga reveals the alchemy of body, breath and awareness to attune to your body’s inner landscape. BodyAwake® Yoga is an approach that further emphasizes the power of breath-work to enliven the sacred geometries of traditional yogic poses. Working from both perspectives together is a profound way to cultivate the body’s innate inner wisdom and grace-filled flow. Yoga classes guided by this approach of embodiment as the path of awakening rocks your world in the most delightful ways!

This unique approach invites participants from all levels of experience — whether a seasoned yogi or a ‘new-be’ — to enjoy its powerful benefits. I hope you decide to join us on the mat!

Pricing Options

Single class   —  $20
2 Class Pass  —  $34
4 Class Pass  —  $60 (Monthly subscription)
12 Class pass — $144 (Use within 6 months)

Classes offered every Wednesday at 9:00am Pacific
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August 31st Introductory free class replay


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