Healing the Inner Child

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In this powerful inquiry we delve deeply into the roots of the “deprived child archetype only to find at its core, a strangle-hold on our capacity to fully trust and surrender to the Universe / the Divine / Source / God. However we choose to name the nameless … authentic fully embodied surrender is something that many of us are unaware that we are withholding. This terrain is rich indeed, and reclaiming this little character —the deprived child — is the key.

It begins with a simple inquiry— Trusting in the Divine versus Trusting in Myself AS the Divine.  Sounds not too earth shattering, right? However when viewed from the perspective of finding within yourself the deprived child’s very real proof that you cannot trust the Universe/Divine/Spirit/God (as personified by parents) to meet your real needs … well … it then becomes quite an all-encompassing, paradigm-shifting, double-bound, big deal.

In fact you could say that our inability to fully and completely trust the Universe, which has its very real roots in our experience as a child whose needs were at times not met, is actually the underpinning or ultimate linchpin to virtually all of the polarized dynamics of the downward spiral states in the limited egoic structure.

If there are unconscious places in your psyche that hold this mistrust, that means you will never be able to fully give up trying to control outcomes, you will always go into some level of fear when faced with the unknown, and continue to find yourself unsettled by major change. And here we are, at a time in human history where sudden, unexpected, irrevocable change is the order of the day. And becoming more intense all of the time. No surprise then that this seems to be up for many of us at this moment in time.

The awesome news is that reclaiming the deprived child with love and compassion will allow these unconscious bastions of mistrust in the Divine stored in our psyches to be released for good. Then a renewed and far more profound relationship of trust and surrender in the universe — your own essence as source divine — is revealed.

The very bright spot on this seemingly bleak scenario is that when we dig in to reclaim and resolve this little character, the unconscious bastions of mistrust in the Divine stored in our psyches are revealed. And when these hidden aspects finally see the light of day, they are free to be released for good.

How do we do this? Well, this is where Being an Alchemical Chamber for transformation kicks in. We use the techniques of releasing frozen children and Take It to the Body with some additional subtle yet powerful tweeks — and is the terrain that we cover during this mentoring series.

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