Releasing Frozen Children – a Healing Technique for the New Paradigm

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At this point in our evolutionary trajectory, I find that one of the most direct and profound approaches to emotional clearing is to honor our inner child with the power of our own self-love and compassion to release what we call the frozen children.  The technique enables each of us to effectively release and resolve the stored up cellular debris of early childhood trauma from a truly 4th dimensional perspective — beyond the constructs of victim/tyrant, judgement, blame or regret.

What is a Frozen Child?

  • How about the little six year-old who has walked home from school all by herself for the first time only to find the door locked and nobody home when she arrives? And when mom finally does arrive 10 minutes later (which we all know can sometimes seem like an eternity) she can’t understand why her little girl is so upset and adds insult to injury by laughing it off.
  • Or the three-month-old who wakes up feeling abandoned and alone in her crib at night, but is left to cry for hours on end so that she won’t become ‘spoiled’ (or so says the good Dr. Spock)?
  • Or the two-year-old who has wandered off into the forest during a wedding in the countryside; only to fall asleep and then wake up in the dark — alone, terrified and disoriented. Until her young parents, who’ve had perhaps a bit too much wine, realize that they’ve left the party without their child and come to find her?

Or any one of many other scenarios that I’m sure you can recall or imagine.

When deep emotional shadow arises and catches you by surprise, it invariably its has roots in early childhood wounding, the result of experiences like those mentioned above. As young children we didn’t have the language to express our authentic selves and their difficult emotions to our parents or other authority figures, and they were probably too busy to listen anyway. As a result we simply shut down in the moment. This coping mechanism creates veiled aspects of our younger self—frozen children—who remain locked inside us in an unresolved state. They are stuck in the past, frozen off at the age when the trauma occurred.

When this happens, another persona comes forward to ‘take up the standard’ so that we can go on living. This adapted persona, separated from the frozen aspects of the past, allows us to ‘carry on’ with life. And while outwardly functional, many split-off aspects of self remain parked in the unconscious — a safe place for events deemed too dangerous for the ego to re-experience.

How do they affect us now?
Though buried in the unconscious, their traumas subtly—and often not so subtly—inform our adult behavior, while they wait for us to reconnect with them and bring them home. They have been patiently waiting in the wings to be reclaimed and  liberated for a very long time.

Isn’t it time now to release and bring our frozen children back into wholeness? We will never be able to fully embody higher dimensional consciousness while they remain trapped in the unconscious. And besides, aren’t we all tired of the embarrassment we feel when we find ourselves acting like an out-of-sorts three year old?

Working with this technique

I offer  this technique during both Amplified Group Clearing calls and One-to-One sessions, where I guide people through a powerful vehicle for liberating/releasing the fragmented off and frozen aspects of our inner child. We partner with the ‘angelic realms’ to go inward and locate these frozen children and support them in expressing and resolving the painful impressions that they hold in the unconscious.  Each session is unique in the details as each child has unique needs, but when we complete the experience, we are able to fully release them – liberated – home at last – back into the Oneness!

Here is a free recording of an Amplified Group Clearing call to release frozen children.

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  1. Hello, I am enjoying getting to know and listen to Victoria and believe she has much wisdom that I have been looking for for quite some time. As I read her website I saw this statement at the bottom of the frozen child information page, “Here is a free recording of an Amplified Group Clearing call to release frozen children.” But when I put it in my cart it showed that it was $30.00. Could you please tell me which it is so that I can listen to it. Thanks so much, JillB

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