Sacred Geometry — Rhapsody in Blues

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  • Cottonwood Tree
  • Cottonwood Tree
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The above images are striking examples of sacred geometry as seen in the subtle levels of structure and form. Source expresses in a multitude of designs, or fractalizations that exist ‘under the hood’. While they usually lie beyond our visual perception — we definitely feel or perceive their presence and influence energetically in our field.

A photographic image of a beautiful succulent with colors subtly aglow, becomes a myriad of exquisite designs where each view is an expression of a different mathematical algorithm applied to the original. The results reveal the exquisite beauty and precision of nature’s creation—the structures in consciousness that underlie and ultimately deliver our experience of form.

Here we see Unfathomable Intelligence structuring form through the alchemy of geometry and torsion — fueled by gravity — which is love. So, the mathematics of love and creation!

Definitely something to ponder 😉

With special thanks to Renee Lynn for these stunning images!

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  1. Dear Victoria,,,hope all is well with you in your preparation to go to Africa.I know you have Gaia T.V.,,so I had to address this with you.I watched Cosmic Disclosure,and they spoke of the. Huge solar incidence,which will anchor the new golden age.There was a lot of talk about the movies(2001&2010)and how they mirrored what will happen.I have watched all the “Wisdom Teachings”to point and most of Cosmic Disclosure”,but they were getting a little too fear provoking,so I thought I might pick and choose,but this really lit my fire in a big way,like I want to scream it from the rooftops,but I spoke about it with my husband and he didn’t want to think about it,and I could feel the fear it brought up in him.I also have read all of David Wilcock’s books,so perhaps,it seems more acceptable and timely to me.If you have time,I would like to hear your take on it,however if you are too busy,I totally understand.Also much gratitude to you for being such a humble and gifted mentor and soul sister. Blessings and luv to you….Namaste

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