Spiraling Back on the Basics of Spirituality and Mysticism

This is a new series to re-visit the fundamentals of awakening into enlightened consciousness while living and working in a world in major transition. The birth of a new paradigm brings with it energies and timelines that are constantly upgrading as they continue to steer us into more refined and rarefied frequencies, while at the same time amplifying anything and everything that is out of resonance with these energies. It is both rich with opportunity for rapid advancement and undeniably messy. This applies across the board — personally as well as on the global stage.

It is time for each of us to lay down the gauntlet for ourselves to see just how serious we are about refining our mental, emotional and physical bodies into absolute clarity through a committed and powerful daily meditation practice, along with authentic, impeccable self-inquiry, so that we come to experience our own divinity as a lived reality, embodied Truth. The stars are in our favor and Gaia’s slipstream invites us to hurtle forward if we are willing to come along with her, while the Universe is cheering us on. The support is unwavering. Are you ready for finally move beyond the world of the separate self and it’s survival mentality?

This series is an opportunity to fine tune the frequencies of authenticity, integrity, and laser-like devotion to discover for ourselves what is it that matters most to us in this life.  And to then refine and enhance all of the necessary knowledge and skills that will allow us to address ourselves absolutely 100% fully to fulfilling our Soul’s mandate, whatever that may be.

For all who are ready to rock ‘n’ roll with our brave new world.


Series includes:  Two calls each month with supplemental materials, suggested reading and online conversations.

Module One — Meditation Authentic and Unadulterated

During the first month’s call we will spiral back on the first great cornerstone of authentic Self-Discovery — Meditation.

From the vantage point of our current perspective we’ll delve into the significance of this ancient yet timely practice, with its scientifically proven capacity to heal and empower us. With guidelines from Victoria’s personal experience of nearly 50 years; to address both how and why to integrate this as a daily practice that is essential to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. And of course, absolutely critical if we are seeking to know our own true nature as divinity embodied.

Please note that meditation is such an essential element of our personal growth that we will take more than one month to explore this module.


Module Two — Everything is Energy!

During Module Two we will spiral back on the basics of energy management. This requires an understanding of our personal energy field, its subtle components and the most effective ways to develop, nurture and enhance our light quotient. As we do this, we are able to field the subtle dynamics of how we relate to all aspects of existence. Which means that we will also dive into what it means to be energetically impeccable.

We will look at how both our Spiritual Etiquette and Spiritual Ethics come into play. And how they both radically affect how available we are to universal or cosmic light and the wisdom encoded therein. An area where we can crash big-time if we are unaware of the subtleties involved. Please note that the amplified field that Gaia now holds, requires a much tighter alignment in our energetic profile.


Module Three — the Dynamics of Perception & the System of Projection

It is said that Enlightenment is direct perception without mental modification. I always understood that to mean that enlightened perception is crystal clear, without the filtering of the mind — free of the bias, opinions, limiting beliefs that so crowd the mind with its incessant story-lines. And while that is true, there is much more to that statement than meets the eye. Perception involves all of the senses, intuition, the gut and heart brains, as well as the opening of higher centers of wisdom. It is quite an exploration, and one that we take on during the first call of Module Three.

What is the  System of Projection? With our desires and repulsions, we push and pull people, events and experiences either towards or away from us. These energetic flows, also known as projections, create what we believe to be the outside, our very own personalized matrix of perception. The non-dual truth is that there is NO outside. When you look out at your world, what you see is only what you have created with your own projections.

It is as if you are sitting on the inside an egg, which is closed except for a tiny crack. What you think you see through the crack on the ‘outside’ is actually what you have projected onto the inside screen of your personal egg-shell of reality. The movie that plays on your egg-shell of reality is called your ‘life’, your own personalized matrix of perception.

The truth is that our thoughts, beliefs, judgments and knotted internal issues are what create this eggshell of our world. And the unseen dynamic is how the opposite side of our conscious awareness, which has been stuffed into the unconscious, contributes even more powerfully to this matrix of perception.


Module Four — Transcending the Survival Paradigm

A major initiation available to all who have taken incarnation here on Gaia at this time is to  fully embody our innate birthright of Divine Creator-ship. As well as the fulfillment of our agreement to come and be a transformative presence for the planet.

Initiations require intense preparation and working one’s way into making this shift is quite an endeavor. It is one that we are truly blessed to be able to do, and during this module we will move forward into taking all that we have learned and mastered for ourselves, and begin to fully live into our destiny.


Module Five — Wisdom of the Heart & the Language of the Cosmos

This month we prepare for the Initiation that will fully open and thus allow us to live in and from that of Unconditional Love — Heart Consciousness. This is a major dimensional shift that is available to all who transcend the consciousness of survival programming and are ready to Initiate into these higher frequencies and awaken to the world as fully heart-centered emanation of Presence.

Whether this is your moment to do so or not. we will cover the time-honored steps of the heart awakening journey, but from the perspective of how and what the New Earth frequencies offer to grace this profound journey in a marvelous new way.


Module Six — Selfless Service

During our final Module in this series we will delve into our next foundational theme — Selfless Service — and why it is so critical to our journey. You can do all the “right things” — meditate daily, process all your triggers, journal, movement practices, prayer, etc etc — but without the magical ingredient of true selfless giving (service to others) you are bound to hit at some point, an impenetrable road block.  Of course, this is if you are serious about awakening to the truth of your Being in this life time 🙂