It is Time for Us to Accept Our Magnificence

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This is a message that I have been receiving pretty much non-stop over the past several years. And I am happy to say that it has finally begun to land in a big way.

Truly, we are so much more than we have ever been encouraged to allow or accept. We are vast, eternal, cosmic love. Always and forever. We exist beyond space and time, while delightedly engaged in the intricacies of weaving the frequencies of formlessness into the tapestries of form.

We are invited to humbly walk in the world as Oneness incarnate. Never losing the ever present whisper of cosmic Truth, and seeing with eyes of awe and wonder the joy in every speck of existence. It is time to perceive the sacred to be normal and the ‘normal’ to be sacred. The time for a swift and subtle shift in perception to embody a higher vibrational reality. that dissolves the illusions of any veil.  This is what we came here to own and it is the time for us to do so now. All of the gifts of this life — the joys and the sorrows — are the touchstones and teachers of our greater truth, our greater love. And the time dear friends, for all of us is now.

If you feel ready and would like to explore your own authentic magnificence, I invite you to enjoy an audio replay of the  Open to the Depths Within event, held on April 27th 2024. During this meditation and transmission together we navigate the higher dimensional frequencies of unfathomable intelligence and luminous grace to reveal the deeper love that resides within and generates the consciousness of Unity and Oneness. The gateway to higher Samadhi states has never before been so open and accessible. Divine bliss beckons.

This gathering was inclusive and open to all with a recommended energetic exchange of $24.00. However if this doesn’t work for you, you can make a donation of any amount, or join as a guest.

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