Structures in Consciousness

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  • Cottonwood Tree

The above pictures are several striking examples of the subtle levels of structure and form. Creation expresses in a multitude of designs that exist ‘under the hood’. And while they are beyond what we can visually perceive — we definitely feel them, and perceive their influence at subtler levels of our own perceptual field.

The beautiful cottonwood tree is then viewed through three different lenses–where each lens is a different mathematical algorithm that has been applied to that image. The results reveal the exquisite beauty and precision of nature’s creation—the structures in consciousness that underlie and ultimately deliver the experience of form. Note that our tree contains a Fibonacci spiral, a mandala and a tree of life configuration — and all three of these ‘abstract’ expressions are quite familiar to us from both ancient and modern art and science!

Consciousness structures form through the alchemy of mathematical algorithms. That means if the energy of love is the building block of this universe then mathematics provides the glue. Definitely something to ponder 😉

Developing an intimate relationship with the subtle realms of form is a fascinating aspect of the journey into wholeness and one that is filled with mysterious and mystical delights. For more on this topic, listen to Satsang — BE Whole Now!

With special thanks to Renee Lynn for these stunning images!

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