Dominique Koubovec, Student and Colleague


May 11, 2019
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Dominique Koubovec, Student and Colleague

“Victoria creates a powerful field for quantum transformation. I have had numerous one on ones with her where she has helped me heal some very deeply buried wounding. She magically realigns me if I have lost my centre and reminds me of my inner power. Sessions with her always leave me feeling a calm sense of self-acceptance and okayness about my life. Victoria is an ancient Oak, against which I can faithfully lean my back. My alignment to my source self has been immensely strengthened over the years of working with her. She has also helped me deepen and enrich substantially my experience of meditation and love for stillness. I am immensely grateful to her and it is a genuine honour to be a part of her life.”

~ Dominique Koubovec, Student and Colleague