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October 24, 2014
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Llani Corona
“I have found the energy codes to be a natural continuation and deepening of the work I learned from Leslie Temple- Thurston. It has felt like the next step.
It’s exactly what I needed to deepen my spiritual practice & feed my soul.
I find it very satisfying to embrace these Energy codes, and the concept of taking it to the Body makes it so easy. It’s not only a mental process. It’s actually a physical one which I find conveniently simple.
I really can’t say enough about this information. It has been transformative in my life.
 It has given greater meaning to my life personally.
I love how it’s presented and being in Corelight makes it easy to understand as it essentially speaks the same language.
It’s been very exciting to learn &  practice and has deepened my spiritual path profoundly.
It is exactly what is needed at this time
And is aligned & compliments the teachings of my beloved teacher Leslie.
Reading the book was fun.
However having Victoria More take me/us deeper into the understandings & exercises has been priceless!
I feel like Leslie led us right up to this place and handed the baton to Sue Morter.
And to have our own beloved Victoria – Leslie’s assistant to help steward the next leg in the journey is beautiful & perfect.
– Llani Corona

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