Susan Wight, Professional Life Coach

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September 9, 2014
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Susan Wight, Professional Life Coach

“I first met Victoria in the book Unplugging the Patriarchy.  Of the three mystics: Seeing (psychic), Power (mystic soldier), and Love (sovereign leader), Victoria (as Alexandria) is “Love” as the sovereign leader.  A palpable spiritual transmission came through the book, especially when I read about Alexandria (Victoria). I found myself deeply relating to her. I have since taken cherished classes from Victoria.  She truly operates with the gifts of a mystic, a sovereign leader; with humility, integrity, love, humor, and as a role model of  impeccable Presence.  Processing work can feel scary, and yet with Victoria I have always felt completely safe.  She has a keen mystical eye for whatever is in the way of true Awakening, providing support to all who desire it.”

Susan Wight, Professional Life Coach

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