Practicing ‘Take it to the Body’ allows me to easily go deeper…


“I have found the energy codes to be a continuation and deepening of the teachings I received from my beloved teacher Leslie, and has felt like my next step. It’s exactly what I needed to deepen my spiritual practice and feed my soul.

I find that the approach of ‘taking it to the Body’ makes it so easy. It’s not just a mental process, but is actually an energetic / physical one, which I find conveniently simple. I love how the teachings are presented and being a Corelight student makes it easy to understand as it essentially speaks the same language. It has been very exciting to learn about and then practice them.

Reading the book was fun, however having Victoria take me/us deeper into the understanding and exercises has been priceless! I feel like Leslie led us right up to this place and then handed the ‘embodiment’ baton to Dr. Sue Morter. And to have our own beloved Victoria — Leslie’s assistant — to help steward the next leg in the journey is beautiful & perfect. I’m so thankful for this next step.”