The 2021 Arc of Grace

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A spectacular energetic window began opening at the September Equinox and its frequencies have continued to gracefully unfold ever since. The luminous veils between the dimensions are always more transparent during this window, from the Equinox through the Holy Days and New Year to the middle of January. However, this year dimensional openings are exponentially more activated, translucent and available than ever before.

We are now energetically held within a spiritual/mystical arc of Grace — a profound sacred time where awakenings and growth opportunities of all sorts are inevitable, if we are willing to align and attune with these frequencies. If awakening as a ‘new human’ is what you know you are here for, then now is the time to open to the frequencies of this amazing Grace and exponential wholeness. We are invited to be swept up within a wave of Grace that can carry us to illumination beyond what we ever imagined possible.

No doubt, we are living through times that can challenge us all. But think of it as simply the ‘squeezy’ part of the birth canal. We are no longer asleep in the chrysalis but beginning to wake up as a result of the luminal cells that manifest the ‘vision’ of our wings. They probably won’t arrive tomorrow, but that they ultimately will manifest and expand into their fullness, is inevitable. The simple truth is that the human species is waking up, and we all have the capacity to feel this onslaught of illumination even while still in the birth canal. As such, we hold the promise of what is to come. How cool is that!

Revealing Our Multi-Dimensional Selves

I am finding that the energies of this arc are quickening our innate multi-dimensional nature to reveal more viscerally than ever before. It feels like a cosmic invitation for each of us to claim, embody and live as our true multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional Soul Selves. I am seeing that this possibility is the case for everybody I know and work with, and it is definitely an opportunity not to be missed.

This quickening has inspired me to offer a  three-session series,  Celebrating the Arc of Grace; a Season of Blessings for everybody who senses in themselves a call, or readiness to awaken to their innate multi-dimensionality. The experience is right here to be realized in form. We have always had this access and now we need to claim, embody and live as this truth, so it becomes fully operational and our lived experience of reality.

If this calls to you, I invite you to join this series either in person or with the replays and enjoy a meditative gathering and transmission this Sunday, November 14 at 9:00am US Pacific Time in our first initiatory session to claim our birthright. Remember that all sessions are recorded, so even if you have to miss one of the sessions, you will still have access to the replay. It is a sheer delight to offer this field of inspiration and support for all of us to take our next steps, on this wild and woolly journey of wonder and awe, exquisite grace and infinite fulfillment. And this particular step is a very exciting one indeed!


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      Dear Mary
      When you sign up for this series you will automatically receive links to videos of the previous sessions as well as the link to upcoming sessions. It would be lovely to include you in this group!
      With seasonal blessings of love and grace,

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