The Alchemy of Now

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19 July 2020
New Moon in Cancer Today

Greetings  and much love to you on this brilliant new moon Monday!

While our daily experience of radical transformation continues unabated, the cosmos does grace us with some sense of stability. The sun still rises every morning and sets each evening. The moon continues her monthly transits, and the cosmic influences support us as powerfully as ever. Ahhhh … now that fact is surely sigh worthy. So take a deep breath and exhale into the sense of ‘new beginnings’ that this new moon brings. Even if it is tomorrow when you read this — we’ll still be in the energetic window.

Being here now (on planet earth) is quite the experience — wouldn’t you agree? We are fully in a transformational juggernaut where each day some new facet presents itself. A continuous influx of higher dimensional energy amplifies whatever we are experiencing, and from what I am being told, this is how we will continue. It is the new normal.

It’s actually quite great. The past is gone, never to return. Life is not going to go back to the way it was. The structures that we have seen collapsing energetically, are now doing so in the physical … for real … just look at the headlines my friends. The future always was a total unknown, but we had a pretty good illusion running that allowed us to feel differently about that. None of us really knows the whole story of what is going on, nor what to expect tomorrow, much less next week or month. This is not just hyperbole, it is our lived experience of the new now.

What is fantastic is that this leaves us truly no place to BE except the Present Moment. Not as a concept to hold dear, a belief to aspire to, but a reality to live. With gratitude, compassion and loving concern for all. Taking our cues moment to moment from our core. Cultivating a trusted relationship with the universe.

Being Present in the ‘Chrysalis’

For many years now in spiritual circles, we have told the story of the little caterpillar morphing into a chrysalis in order to emerge as a butterfly, as metaphor for the journey of awakening. The journey of the caterpillar losing its form to liquefy into a formless state within the ‘chrysalis’ has been likened to a variety of experiences that cause one to come back radically altered. Experiences that simply obliterate the old form, the old egoic self and allow us to emerge as more authentic and illumined — as the soul-full self.

Its time to revisit this metaphor now. If you think of the human race as the caterpillar, I would say that during these past four months, we have entered into the chrysalis state. I also suspect that we are in the early stages of it — though I could be wrong, and wouldn’t mind at all if that’s the case.

The chrysalis is where we liquefy in order to alchemically transform. To slough off the old form, grow the wings, take on the qualities inherent in our being from original conception and morph into a new version of humanity.

There is a blueprint for this new version of humanity held within each of our hearts, a mandate from our souls. It is the blueprint for living from realm of the heart. A state that is beyond separation, where we know ourselves as universal love — not an emotion that is fractured by duality — but the divine consciousness that manifests all of existence. Where we know ourselves as the Creator, the Creation and the act of Creating. Living unity consciousness in a world where yin and yang are still at play. Not polarized opposites but as a life-creating dynamic.

This is what is to come, and we are currently in the soup — a new experience for all of us — never before to be had quite like this on planet earth. Time to welcome the power of being in the “I don’t know” because we truly cannot know how this will play out. What we do know is that we are part of the action of creation creating.

Who knows … maybe we won’t need to eat food anymore? Or talk with words? Or need to fly on airplanes to travel across continents? Those “super-powers” that have lain dormant for so long. Who can say what the wings will look like? I can’t wait to see myself.

In the tough moments, its good to remind ourselves that the Divine, Source, Spirit is always and only delivering to each of us exactly what best serves our Soul’s evolution, in fact now that means humanity’s evolution! The universe is actually on our side — on everybody’s side, always. And our Souls are clearly up for this gig.

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