The Cosmic Wisdom of Higher Math

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May, 2019

An Equation from Cosmic Mathematics
Greater Challenges = Greater Evolutionary Leaps

Have you noticed how so many of the understandings, or conceptual truths we’ve received over the years are manifesting in much higher relief these days? Of course it makes sense, because everything in our world is being up-leveled and amplified, which it is fascinating to note. And most important to remind ourselves of constantly, as we make our way through these amazing yet tricky times.

For example — the relationship between tour intense challenges and potentially spectacular shifts in consciousness. I’m sure you’ve also noted this pattern when you recall the most difficult events in your past — the ones you thought were absolutely unbearable — only to see in hind sight how these experiences have always generated the most profound and significant spiritual growth.

These days I see this playing out much more dramatically for myself as well as with many of my friends and those I work with closely. The potential for Grace has never been higher, while at the same time the situations we are being challenged with are equally daunting. Both aspects exponentially enhanced to the very same degree.  It reveals a simple equation … Degree of Challenge = Degree of Spiritual Growth Potential.

The stakes in this game have just gone up again in the run-up to the June 2019 Solstice, and with this we have an opportunity to claim this understanding as an embodied truth, a lived reality beyond concept. If we can own this now, we are able to meet and be present with any challenge and available to receive its evolutionary gift.

Fhe first step is to simply remember the equation greater challenge equals potential for greater evolutionary shift, in the face of whatever happens at any given moment. Note the key word here — potential.

One more equation from the realm of cosmic mathematics that comes from my friend Leslie Temple-Thurston. This one needs no explanation but is oh so powerful to keep in mind always. Love never divides — it always multiplies.


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