2024 — Year of the Wood Dragon

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I hope that you are ready to enjoy this Year of the Dragon, as it truly is a powerful, transformative time. Think of dragons not as mythical flying reptiles but as an etheric presence — Beings who inhabit the Telluric realms — the magnetic energetic circuitry running deep within and throughout this gorgeous Gaia.

And remember, the Goddess who embodies one of Love’s most powerful expressions — Compassion — rides the dragon with fierce love and beautiful grace.

Truly our Earth is one giant magnet. Flux lines enter through the north pole, flow down the central channel of the planet, exit out the south pole and return to the north. This perpetual loop resembles our human toric field flow so closely that we could say it almost replicates it, with the center or heart of the planet as its core. Observed from beyond the planet, the magnetosphere encircling the Earth gives the overall appearance of a giant spider.. Many ancient cultures associate the spider with their creation myths, as it appears as if it has the ability to create its own world. We find it in ancient art, from pottery to petroglyphs, or as natural architecture worshiped as the sacred site spider rock in the Southwestern US.

During ancient times when humans were closer to nature, they possessed the ability to perceive these subtle energetic flows. Aboriginal cultures still practice this art, and it is not uncommon for the people of Australia to see and walk these cosmic conveyor belts as though visible to the naked eye. They call them ‘song lines’ because the Aborigines sing melodies as they walk these lines. And their song is recorded, to be heard by the next person who comes along. This technique, which is tens of thousands of years old, allows the pathways to remain activated and continuously recharged.

The song lines are known by many other names around the world. To the Chinese they are Lung Mei, the dragon lines; to the Celts they are the fairy paths, and many other cultures refer to them as serpent lines or spirit roads. And where these terrestrial currents interact with geomagnetism, scientists call these hot spots ‘conductivity discontinuities’.

Working with these currents is not unique to humans. African lore holds that these ‘dragon lines’ are what chart the migratory pathways followed by elephants and swum by whales with the same intention of activation, enlivenment and planetary stabilization. The world-wide interconnections of tree roots also find alignment with these energetic flowing currents. Please see On Elephants, Whales and Stewarding Magnetic Ley Lines for more on this.

Disruption or Evolution?

It may appear that we humans have radically disrupted the earth’s natural capacity to activate and stabilize the telluric currents through the migratory paths of the animal kingdom — and to a great extent this is true.  And while this can cause us to feel great sadness and regret for humanity’s actions … this is not the whole story. I have it on excellent authority — the elephant’s themselves speaking through Anna Breytenbach — that this is merely a period of transition to one in which we humans will be the ones to steward a new version of  reality — all the way in and through  the telluric realms.

Love is magnetic — it is a force that draws to it. The telluric realms exist within the magnetosphere. As human consciousness begins to stabilize in higher dimensional frequencies — the magnetic quality of Love will find new ways of creating and stewarding the relationship with our planet. This is a vast topic and one that I look forward to discovering more about over the months and years to come, as more is revealed as a result of our species level of evolution.

For now, allow yourself to enjoy the enhanced flow of compassion that is available this year and let it lead you into the deeper love that you are ready to embody and live into.

It truly is time for each of us to discover the exquisite presence of our true multi-dimensional Self; the one that is always free, always sovereign and eternally present as Love.

With heart felt blessings for this amazing Year of the Wood Dragon,




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