The Deepening

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For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, December is the month of rapidly decreasing daylight and the ever-increasing darkness, culminating in the longest night of the year on the 12/21 solstice. The snow may fall in a harrowing blizzard or as a gentle caress; the icy winds might steal our breath and sting our fingers and toes, or the magic of a crystalline snowflake might sweetly take our breath away in sheer joy. Many of us will experience all of the above each in their own turn—and more. For those of us in warmer climes, even without the ice and snow, there is a definite chill in the air and the sense of being held by winter’s spell.

To our mystical nature this is the time we are issued winter’s majestic invitation to dive deeply into the quiet serenity found only in the depths of our Soul. As the days shorten and the nights lengthen, we find ourselves quite naturally called within. We are called to sit by the fireplace, invited to relax in the comfort of a warm blanket on a comfy couch, tempted by a cup of hot tea; and each of these offer the promise of time alone, time with ourselves, time to probe the mystery of what lies beneath the surface. The vibration of the upcoming solstice seduces and challenges our awareness to quietly slip through the veils that shimmer with their greatest transparency on the December solstice (be it winter or summer). The invitation is to sequester inside a cocoon of stillness.

This year, we are blessed with the third of three very powerful December solstices. 12/21/2012 was perhaps not what many expected at the time, but in retrospect we can see just how significant it was. The rate of change on the planet since that date is undeniable and the ascension of consciousness we are experiencing is similarly without doubt. That solstice was the first opening of a grand doorway that continued to expand on 12/21/2013 and will do so again this year on 12/21/2014. The celestial alignment of earth, sun and the galactic center associated with the two subsequent solstices is still quite close to what it was on 12/21/2012 and the power has only very gradually decreased. So, this solstice will bring a further expansion of opening this doorway and uplift into new levels of change and even greater ascension.

This is a time when our meditations and inner explorations can take us deeper than ever before—everything on the outside is conspiring for us to go within. So … Why fight it? Instead, why not take advantage of the energetic dispensation of this special time and allow your mystical nature to take its course – to fly on the wings of your innermost dreams – to love fully and completely the innocence of your consciousness and deepen … deepen … deepen your reality. This is the precious gift that only you can give yourself.

Along with the solstice, of course December also brings the holiday season with its round of varied and joyful traditional activities. However, for all of us this can be truly the ‘holy day’ season, which awakens a spirit of joy and celebration that we share with all those we love. And by nurturing our deepening, we can express that love with all of our beloveds from a place of greater peace, joy and Oneness.

November 25, 2014

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