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New Keys for Awakening

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The hair on the back of my neck stood up when Leslie shared…

My guides are telling me that Enlightenment has to be fully embodied in order for humanity to ascend to its next higher state of consciousness.

~ Leslie Temple-Thurston, 1997

… and I knew without a doubt that Enlightened Embodiment — what I now call Conscious Embodiment — is what I came here to deeply integrate and then teach.

  • Is the current chaotic world situation creating a wobble in your life, despite your years of meditation and processing?
  • Are you ready for an infusion of greater vitality, joy and inspiration — no matter what is going on around you?
  • Do you feel stuck around relationships?
  • Are you ready for a greater level of abundance (financial and otherwise) in your life ?
  • Or simply that your years of meditation and egoic clearing work, while powerful, have not yet fully delivered all that you have been seeking?

There was a time when I struggled with some of these questions as well. I now embody a level of deep peace, joy and spiritual mastery on a daily basis which is available to you, too. We each have our own unique journey. Mine was a result of many years of classical ballet, intense Self-discovery and The Marriage of Spirit taught by Leslie Temple-Thurston. I was then able to experience the joy found in deep states of Samadhi — however during meditation only.

As a spiritual teacher for many years, I came to realize there was more to conscious embodiment than what I was able to offer, and eight years ago, I began looking for ways to up-level my approach to the spiritual/energetic teachings of authentic conscious embodiment. And that is when I met Dr. Sue Morter and The Energy Codes®.

The Energy Codes are a set of principles and practices you can easily fit into in your daily life to tap into your authentic self and realize deeper states of embodiment of the true Self awareness.

The results of working with this straight-forward yet powerful approach to awakening are radical and life-changing, whether your spiritual journey has spanned many years or is just beginning. This approach masterfully weaves together current discoveries in Quantum Science and Holistic Medicine with Dr Sue’s own direct experience of Enlightened states of consciousness as defined in all of the traditional paths of sacred wisdom, including the Marriage of Spirit.

This is for you if you are ready to embody the beautiful spiritual wisdom that you have received from our beloved teacher Leslie Temple-Thurston

Find out how to integrate and embody for greater freedom, abundance, joy!

What Others Say

I bought the book [The Energy Code: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life] — it vibrated in my hands…

I wasn’t actively looking for a new teacher or healer. However, it is said “when the student is ready the teacher appears”. I have always respected Victoria as a teacher and had the pleasure to occasionally sit in her sweet Presence over the years. When she first mentioned Dr. Sue Morter, I was not looking for a teacher. My belief

Carole Harbard
Corelight Teacher Training Graduate

Practicing ‘Take it to the Body’ allows me to easily go deeper…

I have found the energy codes to be a continuation and deepening of the teachings I received from my beloved teacher Leslie… It’s exactly what I needed to deepen my spiritual practice and feed my soul.

Llani Corona
CoreLight Teacher Training Graduate

This is a class that can change your life…

As a CoreLight student, I enjoyed learning from Brad, Leslie, Victoria and all of the CoreLight staff. Enhanced Self-Discovery and Spiritual Warrior Training were the perfect courses for me at the time. After graduating, I had a difficult time finding “my next step” to dive in deeper.

Cindy McCarthy
Spiritual Warrior Training Graduate

While I had cultivated a very clear mind, I knew that there was more to me that needed to be explored and ignited…

I don’t follow what the mind thinks it should be clearing, but am learning instead to take cues from a soul-body collaboration that facilitates the movement of breath and energy in the body initiated by the soul.

Dominique Koubovec
CoreLight Teacher Training Graduate

Introducing The Energy Codes

Learn More About The Energy Codes


Project Awakening: Shifting from Pain to Bliss

August 8, 2024

Chapter 1

Chapter one summarizes the foundational principles of the Energy Codes® with a ‘user-friendly’ explanation of the quantum science and spiritual wisdom they are based upon. Dr. Sue shares her own inspiring experiences that lead her to codify and then begin teaching these principles and the practices to powerfully support embodiment of a greater version of Self.


Your Role in Creating Your Life

August 8, 2024

Chapter 2

Chapter two summarizes the foundational principles of the Energy Codes® , how everything in our lives is in support of our evolution and why working at the level of the underlying energies rather than the ‘stories’ of our experience is the most effective approach to radically up-evel the energetic field that we are.


The Invisible You — Bioenergy Basics

August 15, 2024

Chapter 3

Everything is energy and so are you! This chapter introduces the basics of the human bioenergetic system—how our system is designed to work, and how the energetic circuitry either promotes or limits our capacity for a greater flow of vitality, radiant health and well-being on all levels—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.


The Anchoring Code: Getting Back in Your Body

August 22, 2024

Chapter 4

This is where we begin diving into the practices and immediately start incorporating them into our lives. Each one of the codes align with a specific chakra and its role in activating energetic coherence in the body-mind-breath system we are.


The Feeling Code: The Language of the Soul

August 29, 2024

Chapter 5

“The Soul speaks to the Body, The Body speaks to the Mind and the Mind doesn’t listen”. Once we anchor awareness in the body, we can begin to train the mind to receive and percieve the messages of the Soul. The Feeling Code is the key for communication with the Soulful Self.


The Clearing Code: The Healing Power of the Subconscious

September 5, 2024

Chapter 6

The Clearing Code introduces a protocol that is designed to integrate the subconscious interference, which is due to unresolved emotion stored in the body. This practice is a perfect evolution to the Marriage of Spirit work that you are already doing.


The Heart Code: The Universal Solvent

September 12, 2024

Chapter 7

All ancient spiritual traditions refer to the power of love as divine. The Heart Code allows you to generate an unconditional practice of love, one that eliminates conditionality, attachment and bargaining. When we come from the vibrational frequency of love, we feel loved because we are actually made of and living from love.


The Breath Code: The Power of Life Itself

September 19, 2024

Chapter 8

Breath is spirit. Breath is life. Breath is you! When breath is gone, life as we know it on the physical plane is gone. However, when breath is enhanced it creates greater health, vitality and well being on all levels of our life. This code introduces a series of profound breathwork practices that are positively life-changing.


The Chemistry Code: The Alchemy of Embodiment

September 26, 2024

Chapter 9

In this code we learn how to create an environment that brings the body chemistry into its natural state of calmness, relaxation, balance and efficiency.


The Spirit Code: Where the Many Become One

October 3, 2024

Chapter 10

We are made of spirit. Spirit is energy. Spirit in the body is breath. It is our daily, minute-by-minute merging of mind, body and energy into one unified force—the Soulful Self. The Spirit Code anchors this truth for us by giving us the tools to readily connect with the deep core wisdom that is rising in our body’s system all of the time.


Making the Quantum Flip: One Day at a Time

October 10, 2024

Chapter 11

This chapter ties it all together with a review of the many ways to incorporate the Energy Code principles and practices into our daily lives as a new way of being.


Life on the Front Side: Living as the Soulful Self

October 10, 2024

Chapter 12

Living on the Front Side of the mode, we no longer identify as the mental body only, but instead identify as the Soulful Self. With the awakening of the sensory body and access to a greater love, we come to know with absolute certainty that our inner world is the real world and the outer world a reflection of it.


How much time does the series involve?

Allow 2 hours for each online class. and approximately ½ hour to an hour to read the upcoming week’s chapter. You don’t really need to set aside a solid block of time for the practices, as it is more a process of taking 5 to 10 minutes at a time to incorporate them into your daily life.

What if I can’t make all of the sessions?

Each session is recorded and you will have access to the video replay on the series home page within the following  24 hours. Additionally, you are welcome to submit your questions prior to the session and, as time allows, I will include an answer in the recording.

Do these practices conflict in any way with my practices of using polarities, squares and triangles?

In a word, No 🙂

What if I am unfamiliar with quantum physics and/or energy medicine?

You do not need any existing knowledge of either quantum science or energy medicine to benefit from the practices. We cover as much as you need to know for the practice to make sense, during the first two calls.

How do I incorporate these practices into my daily life?

During the sessions, as you learn the various breathwork, movement and energetic frequency awareness practices, you will see how easily you will be able to fit then into your daily life.

Will this create a greater flow of abundance in my life?

These principles and practices are about making a ‘Quantum Flip’ that moves your consciousness from the ‘back side of the model’ (victim consciousness) to the’ front side of the model’ (creatorship). This then affects all aspects of your life — including opening up the flow of abundance, improving your relationships, and your health and well-being — to name a few.

How do I get started?

Purchase The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your body, and Live Your Best Life by Dr Sue Morter. Read chapters 1 and 2 before we start on August 8, so you’re ready to jump in.


Meet Victoria More

Victoria More is a spiritual teacher who embodies the qualities of the self-realized heart as pure emanation of presence. The subtle, yet powerful, transmission that comes through her has been likened to a “tuning fork, tuned to the key of Oneness.” Her own path, which began in her early twenties, has been a journey of both traditional and non-traditional teachings and experiences. The depth of her journey has perfectly prepared her to support others in awakening to a new heart-centered, soul-embodied spirituality. One in which 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness is readily available through the union of body, breath and spirit. She is devoted to supporting anyone who is interested in re-discovering their own unique expression of the innate divine nature within. And is dedicated to supporting the ascension of humanity—one journey of direct reconnection at a time!

It’s time to discover how to master the energy that you already are and move from survivor-ship to living your magnificence as the true creator of your life

I guarantee that this approach of authentic embodiment as the path of awakening will rock your world in the best possible way.

Ready to Get Started?

Register using the button above. Purchase The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life by Dr Sue Morter. Read chapters 1 and 2 before we start on August 8, and enjoy the changes you see and feel as the series unfolds!

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NOTE: Highly recommended that you purchase the hard-cover book so that you can highlight important points, use sticky notes, etc. for a resource that you will return to again and again. I look forward to seeing you when we start on August 8!!