The Fine Art of Equanimity and Balance

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Samadhi & Equality

When you experience Samadhi, one of its most notable features is a profound state of equality, one where you feel perfectly balanced and stable. It is the quality of equanimity, which is simply an extraordinarily ascended state of equality. When your awareness moves into samadhi, you enter into awareness of the Self, and the Self is Unity — undivided attention. There is no inequality to it. It does not have attributes. Therefore, it is equal unto itself because there is nothing outside of it. Now, that may sound pretty abstract, but if you have ever experienced the samadhi state, or when you do, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


Remember duality is the operating system here on Planet Earth, but it can be experienced from within the context of non-dual consciousness. And the key to that is embodying the perfect balancing act between yin and yang, dark and light, masculine and feminine, etc. That perfect balance allows what were once experienced as opposites to resolve into compliments within a new field of ascended, unified, Oneness. Our state of attention defines our experience.

The Sacred Heart

Beyond the emotional heart — you know, the one that opens and closes because it is operating in the field of duality— is something else entirely. And that is the spiritual, or Sacred Heart. While it is connected to the emotional heart, it is not the same. It never closes, remains open always and is unconditioned by life. As the seat of authentic unconditional love, it is what perceives and flows within the intimate connection of all of life. I’d like to share some beautifully inspiring insights on the spiritual heart from the lovely Zen teacher Adyashanti below:

“The spiritual heart has the strength to look upon the unavoidably tragic aspects of life without fear, judgment or despair and without being overwhelmed. Because although it operates within the physical dimensions of space and time, the spiritual hearts origin is rooted in the formless dimension of awareness. Awareness has a heart, you could say.

Unlike the emotional heart – the spiritual heart has no boundaries, has no limitations, it has no preferences and it has no egoic judgements. While we can lose consciousness of the spiritual heart, the spiritual heart never closes, never was, never is, wounded. Its light can seem to be obscured by our turning away from it, but it  actually never leaves us because it is an intimate aspect of our true Being. It’s here and it’s now and always and already present, whenever we turn back towards it.
~ Adyashanti

This is is what awaits us when we choose to fully exit from survival consciousness. And during our Equinox meditation and celebration, we will have a fine opportunity to tap into all of the glorious qualities noted above as a powerful coherent group. I can’t wait!

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  1. Thankyou for this insight with which I agree – once opened, it never closes. In 1962, when meditating and praying for my mother, I became aware of this – my life since has been full of ups and downs but always behind. in front, to the side is the higher opportunity.

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