A Return to Oneness

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I recently watched a wonderful interview with two of my dear friends, Anna Breytenbach and Brad Laughlin on Buddha at the Gas Pump, which you also might really enjoy. Among many wonderful nuggets of wisdom, what really grabbed my attention was Anna’s direct experience of all forms of life as being evolutionarily equal. Equally conscious, equally intelligent and equally aware …

It is Time for Us to Accept Our Magnificence

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This is a message that I have been receiving pretty much non-stop over the past several years. And I am happy to say that it has finally begun to land in a big way. Truly, we are so much more than we have ever been encouraged to allow or accept. We are vast, eternal, cosmic love. Always and forever. We …

2024 — Year of the Wood Dragon

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I hope that you are ready to enjoy this Year of the Dragon, as it truly is a powerful, transformative time. Think of dragons not as mythical flying reptiles but as an etheric presence — Beings who inhabit the Telluric realms — the magnetic energetic circuitry running deep within and throughout this gorgeous Gaia. And remember, the Goddess who embodies …

The Compassion Factor

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The Tear in the Eye of the Buddha   So, what one develops is Compassion — That is
 why there is always a tear in the eye of the Buddha that no one
 sees — for the pain and suffering of others.  Because without 
a requisite knowledge of that pain and suffering, you are mortal. You only become immortal when …

The 2021 Arc of Grace

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A spectacular energetic window began opening at the September Equinox and its frequencies have continued to gracefully unfold ever since. The luminous veils between the dimensions are always more transparent during this window, from the Equinox through the Holy Days and New Year to the middle of January. However, this year dimensional openings are exponentially more activated, translucent and available …

The Alchemy of Now

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19 July 2020 New Moon in Cancer Today Greetings  and much love to you on this brilliant new moon Monday! While our daily experience of radical transformation continues unabated, the cosmos does grace us with some sense of stability. The sun still rises every morning and sets each evening. The moon continues her monthly transits, and the cosmic influences support …