The Compassion Factor

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The Tear in the Eye of the Buddha   So, what one develops is Compassion — That is
 why there is always a tear in the eye of the Buddha that no one
 sees — for the pain and suffering of others.  Because without 
a requisite knowledge of that pain and suffering, you are mortal. You only become immortal when …

The 2021 Arc of Grace

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A spectacular energetic window began opening at the September Equinox and its frequencies have continued to gracefully unfold ever since. The luminous veils between the dimensions are always more transparent during this window, from the Equinox through the Holy Days and New Year to the middle of January. However, this year dimensional openings are exponentially more activated, translucent and available …

The Alchemy of Now

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19 July 2020 New Moon in Cancer Today Greetings  and much love to you on this brilliant new moon Monday! While our daily experience of radical transformation continues unabated, the cosmos does grace us with some sense of stability. The sun still rises every morning and sets each evening. The moon continues her monthly transits, and the cosmic influences support …

Victoria’s A-List Rock Stars 2021

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Dr Sue Morter During 2020 and 2021, my awakening went through a huge sea-change when I began working with the principles and practices of Dr Sue’s revolutionary “Energy Codes”. Her continuously up-leveling body of work is a brilliant fusion, or unification of pure quantum science and the direct experience of profound ancient spiritual wisdom. My life-long journey of ‘conscious embodiment’ …

A Spectacular Beginning to a Transformative Year / Decade

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January 11th 2020 Greetings my friends … and whoa there … we are certainly off to a running start! Though it may take a few more laps around the field of devastating circumstances (as in war, famine, entire continents on fire), I cannot help but believe that this decade will bring forth an about-face to humanity’s current trajectory on many …

On Elephants, Whales and Stewarding Magnetic Ley-lines

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And the Perfection of it All 6 November 2019 Eternity dropped an interesting tidbit into my awareness the other morning. I was in a situation where I was a captive audience to what turned out to be a lovely underwater video of a mother whale and her young calf. Watching the graceful, fluid movements as they flowed in and around …

The Fine Art of Equanimity and Balance

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Samadhi & Equality When you experience Samadhi, one of its most notable features is a profound state of equality, one where you feel perfectly balanced and stable. It is the quality of equanimity, which is simply an extraordinarily ascended state of equality. When your awareness moves into samadhi, you enter into awareness of the Self, and the Self is Unity …