The Nilotic Trilogy — Meridian of Illumination & Grace


The Nilotic Trilogy (plus One) Series

Tales of the Nilotic Meridian

A transmission and a meditative journey to explore the sacred Nilotic Meridian and re-ignite the wisdom of “as above, so below” from our ancient stellar past. The Nilotic Meridian is also known as the “River of Gold” or the “River of Stars.”


Transmissions of Power, Grace and Luminosity

A powerful field of transformation with two transmissions from an Initiatory Journey along the Nilotic Meridian. This offering includes the galactic frequencies held and transmitted by both the sacred White Lions of Timbavaati & the magnificent Wild Stallions of Kaapsehoop at Umazi Sakazi.

Gaia’s frequency continues to ascend and these amplified frequencies can be experienced most readily here at her core — along her central channel — this wondrous Nilotic Meridian.


Meditation in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza

This powerful transmission and meditation evokes the frequencies of the King’s chamber in the great pyramid at Giza. The Giza plateau is the crown chakra of the Nilotic Meridian in Africa.



Meditation at the Blyde River Canyon — the Base of the Meridian

A powerful ultra-dimensional vortex exists at the foot of the sacred mountain Modimole, located in the depths of the Blyde River Canyon. These frequencies amplify and make accessible the finely tuned energies of the causal plane — the Nexus of Form and Formlessness.