The Poetry of Presence

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25, May 2017

Greetings from a delicious autumn day in the South African bush veld. I’m sitting here gazing out on a garden bursting with flowering aloes and all types of bush trees, backed by a sacred mountain beneath a crystal clear blue sky. We are surrounded by a symphony of ever-active bush crickets, a variety of indigenous birds with their unique chirps and calls, and the sounds of a rushing Blyde River (translation is Joy River) in the background.

This is the facet of the Oneness that I can share with you in this moment. Here where we are all held together in a frequency of powerful stillness carried on the wings of a delicate warm breeze. I invite you to take just a moment or two and let yourself feel these words and immerse in this field with me, no matter where you are reading them. Being connected as we are, it shouldn’t be too hard. And you certainly deserve to let your a body of awareness choose to alight in this lovely slice of life, even if for only one moment. this one timeless moment.

There is an exquisite poetry of presence here right now, just beyond the madness. And I am compelled to share this with you as a reminder of what we always have access to inside, if only we stop and choose to let go into it. We have all chosen to be here in this world at this crazy time, and we all hold within us our own sanctuary, an inner temple of stillness, brilliant light and loving essence in which to take refuge. At any time we choose.

And a reminder for everybody, no matter where you are located on this currently more-than-slightly-chaotic planet. I hope that on Sunday morning you are inspired to join me and a few other intrepid explorers in the realms of radical energetic systems busting. Yes, with KickAss Processing, deconstruction of and unplugging from self-limiting programs and belief systems is the name of the game. And when we really get going, mountains are moved! Why not get off your duff — metaphorically speaking of course — and give it a go. You’ll be surprised by how much fun we can have while we’re taking down the obsolete.

Wishing you much love and a brilliant next step on your journey,

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