The Processing Lab

Some Squares for You to Read, Add To and then Offer up


Below you will find a list of squares complied from the work of a devoted group of students who over a period of several years became quite masterful with this practice. Each square includes both a detailed document of what we uncovered for each corner as well as a short audio recording of the offering up prayer. You can read through what was uncovered by the group for the square, and add things that come up for you in each corner on a separate document or simply read through while feeling into the details of each corner. And then use the audio recording of the offering up prayer.

These squares deal with a range of polarities and are share dwith you to support and inspire you in your own journey with this powerful practice.

We offer a short grounding audio meditation that you can use to anchor into your core before working on square, just as the group did when taking on these polarities.


Listen to a:  Short Centering & Grounding Meditation


(1)   Remaining in Control — Letting Go of Control
Offering Prayer:


(2)    Excluded — Included
Offering Prayer:


(3)     Golden Child — Black Sheep
Offering Prayer:


Please note that more squares will be added over the following weeks.