The Seasons of SoulWork

With Meg Archambault

Join us on four Saturdays during February and March for a deep dive to explore the Inner and Outer work it takes to align with Source and embody the Soul’s Work that you were born to do.

During this four-part Series, we will look at the overarching “map” of SoulWork, using the Seasons as our Guide, and explore the Essence of each Season, through Teachings, Self-Inquiry, Practice, and Q & A.  This will give you an experiential understanding of SoulWork that you can take home with you into your ongoing spiritual practice.

Watch this interview with Victoria to meet Meg and hear about how she came to develop SoulWork.

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SUMMER: Caring for the Whole Self
Saturday, February 8th at 8:00am Pacific Time

The Essence of our Work in the Season of Summer is CARE.  This may sound easy on the surface, but what we are referring to here is Caring for the Whole of You and becoming your own best care-giver, tending to ALL aspects of you: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.  Caring is a prerequisite to the deep inner work we do in the Autumn.  Many miss out on the effectiveness of the Autumn Work because they have not yet developed a loving and kind relationship with their inner selves.  That is why the SoulWork of Summer and the Practices therein are pre-requisites for the deeper work that follows.

In this session, we will practice coming closer to an inner aspect that you may find challenging to accept and you will come away with the body-felt experience of self-kindness and deep care.


AUTUMN: Releasing Protections & Resting in Embodied Alignment
Saturday, February 22nd at 8:00am Pacific Time

The Essence of Autumn is Releasing Protections and Resting in Embodied Alignment. That sounds like a mouthful if you haven’t been practicing a form of emotional processing at some point in your spiritual journey. What you might know as “Processing” or “Clearing,” I have come to experience as “Welcoming” or “Merging” – truly MEETING the Egoic Structure, however it shows itself, with Gratitude, Compassion, Understanding and Complete Acceptance.  By tending to the Human Ego this way, understanding that its purpose is benevolent, we have a much better chance of softening and “snuggling up next to it”, as I say to my 1:1 clients, and having an intimate dialogue where it feels safe enough to free itself and dissolve back into Source energy, leaving more Light in the Embodiment.

In this session, we will practice meeting and merging with a few common protections on the SoulWork Journey, giving you the embodied feeling of clarity and inner stillness.


WINTER: Communing with Guidance & Wisdom
Saturday, March 7th at 8:00am Pacific Time

At some point on our SoulWork Journey, a switch takes place and we make progress by serving others rather than by focusing on ourselves.  The Work of Winter is where this switch takes place.

Only after dissolving enough of the protective personal self can we begin to Rest in the Embodied Soul – The Soul Center or Core of Light that IS us – and begin to Commune with the Guidance and Wisdom Within.  This is the Essence of Winter.  When you can consciously bring yourself into embodied alignment in the Soul Center and come into a meditative, relaxed and receptive state, you can have a dialogue with your own Soul.

Imagine if you could sit across from your Soul – or the Soul of your Business, Project, or Creative Idea  – and have a conversation asking for clarity in carrying out your Soul’s Work…wouldn’t  that be helpful?

In this session, we will practice coming into a meditative state, asking a few key questions, and listening for the soul’s response.  This will help build the habit of going within for guidance and support.


SPRING: Embodying Soulful Service
Saturday, March 21st at 8:00am Pacific Time

This brings us to what appears to be the “final” Season of SoulWork, however, it is actually the beginning, because by embarking on the Spring Work, you automatically “call forward” more protections to welcome and merge!  Therein lies the secret suffering of SoulWork, lol, if you don’t know it is coming!  As you begin to heed the directions and whispers you received from your Winter conversations, you more than likely will face layers of doubt, confusion, or fear coming to the surface.  The Work of Spring requires a commitment to process what comes up to act in alignment.  This practice of acting from embodied alignment will bear more fruit in the long run.

In this session, we will practice dreaming your Soul’s Work into being via the imagination and meeting any protections that come forward in the process.  This will give you the experience of “on demand processing” that will be so beneficial as your Soul’s Work continues to unfold.



Meg has spent the better part of the last 20+ years actively seeking the call of her soul — leaving Corporate America in 1999 to step “two-feet in” and commit to finding and living her Soul’s Mission. After countless starts and stops and years of “inner-work,” Meg abandoned her search to dive head first into what was right in front of her; her relationship with herself and her protective personality.  It wasn’t until she turned towards herself with deep tender care and welcomed her unconscious shadow patterns and traumatized selves with kindness, compassion, and love, did she begin to align with her Soul, gain clarity about her Dharma, and begin to Embody the SoulWork she is here to do.

She is an example of ‘integrity’ on the SoulWork Journey—waiting patiently for Alignment and Right Timing before stepping forward with her next task. Along the way, she was given the metaphor of the Seasons to use as a Map for finding her way back into Alignment. She shares with us the Map that she discovered for Hearing and Heeding the Embodied Call of the Soul. She calls this work The Seasons of SoulWork: Embodying the Truth of Who You Are to do the Work You Came Here to Do.