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During my time with the AWAKEN Academy, I interviewed Sera Beak, “redvolutionary” and author of Red Hot & Holy, A Heretic’s Love Story. This was a delicious introduction to this amazing young woman, who I suspect you are going to be hearing about a lot over the coming years. As you will find in this interview, I loved reading her book and highly recommend it to anyone (male or female) who is interested in a true soul journey.

Her authenticity and delightfully frank and seriously humorous take on a unique and profound journey into the depths of her soul; one that is spiritual, mystical, down-to-earth, other-worldly, raucous and playful — all at the same time — is a breath of fresh air.

She tells me that she is birthing another book soon and while I have no details on it … I’m definitely looking forward to another fascinating read. And another book to gift to all of my dearest friends!

When you stand up and speak your truth – no matter when, where, or why – a Goddess tattoos your name across Her belly

Your penance for occasionally forgetting that God has a sense of humor: Find a trampoline, bring a friend with a camera, when you jump and they click, make the silliest moves and faces possible. Post the pictures on facebook with the phrase “God makes me do it”

From Sera’s series of ‘Divine Winks


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  1. Hi, I am in Australia and I was wondering what George’s surname was? I resonate so deeply with Sera’s experience. Thank you..

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