Victoria’s A-List Rock Stars

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Corelight – Leslie Temple-Thurston:

Leslie is my dearest friend and coolest mentor. She re-entered my life at just the right moment to gift me with a complete education in the wily ways of the dualistic ego, and how to bring its polarized states into full resolution. She is a beloved guide and teacher to myself—and many others worldwide.

Of Origin Yoga – Sean Tebor

I have such great love and admiration for Sean, as he has the mastery, skill and charisma to be one of those ‘rock star’ yoga teachers … but too much integrity to take that path. He is humble, authentic and clearly guided by his innate wisdom of the primal body’s organic wisdom and through it, access to the spiritual core. He is a dear friend who shares my passion for the opening up the new territory of the fully enlightened body. – Lee Harris:

Lee is an amazing energetic intuitive and channel for a collective known as the “Z’s”. He is lovely, authentic and wildly gifted, whose monthly updates are always spot-on!

All for Love – Matt Kahn:

Matt is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer. He uses his highly attuned intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and direct knowing to serve as a bridge between the mystical realms and the journey of awakening. When intuitively and energetically guided in the moment, the messages that come through may be delivered with a big dose of heart-uplifting, relieving levity. I totally love Matt and his teachings … and cannot recommend him highly enough!

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