Bridging the Schism Between Humanity and the Natural World

An Intimate Conversation with Anna Breytenbach on Saturday, April 27th at 9:00am US Pacific, 12:00pm US Eastern, 5:00pm UK and 6:00pm South Africa — $108

You are invited to a very special live fund-raising event with and for a very special friend — world-famous interspecies communicator, animal activist, and passionate conservationist, Anna Breytenbach.

Anna and Friend

Anna is a rare soul — a Being of great compassion, profound empathy and exquisite sensitivity. Amongst many qualities, she embodies unconditional reverence for the natural world and unrivaled devotion to her life’s work. The degree of humility and selflessness she brings to her mission on planet Earth at this time of great transition, is unique and awe-inspiring, to say the very least.

Please join us for an intimate and heart-expanding conversation with Anna during this 90-minute video webinar where she will talk about her profound life purpose with both its extraordinary gifts as well as its extraordinary challenges. She will also convey messages of guidance and inspiration from the animal and other nature kingdoms offered in support of humanity, during this pivotal time in our evolution.

In addition you will have an opportunity to tap into her vast reservoir of wisdom with your questions about her work and experiences Please submit your questions in the leave a reply section below or email to:, so that Anna can address as many of them as possible during the live event.

Join us on Saturday, April 27th for an insightful and heart-expanding conversation with Anna in support of her profound and unconditionally selfless work for the well-being of the planet. If you have purchased the event and are then unable to attend, there will be a video recording available afterwards.

Important note that when you purchase this event, you will receive an email with the link to register for the Zoom webinar. You’ll then need to register for the webinar with this link in order to receive the actual event link from Zoom.

Additional Information about Anna and her Work

For more about Anna, see her Bio here.

Watch The Animal Communicator — a full-length video made about Anna’s experiences as an interspecies communicator.

Watch a very recent interview with Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump.

Please note that Anna has been unable to work for over a year during her journey with physical survival. Still in recovery and dealing with some resultant disabilities and significant limitations, her priority has to be tending to the needs of her body vessel, and taking very good care. This involves healing treatments and support structures to assist with daily life, which is challenging both financially and practically.

Consequently, this is indeed a special opportunity to not only benefit from what Anna has to offer you but for each of us to support her and her work with our prayers and other kinds of support.


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  1. Hi Victoria, if it’s not too much trouble to send along a message to Anna (she may not remember us… we did a class with her in Pescadero, CA and a safari in South Africa in Fall 2015).
    Anna, wishing you very well, sending you lots of love & energy and continuing recovery,
    Kindly, Nikki (Sacchi) & Scott (McCue), Orinda, CA (East Bay)

    If you (Anna) would like any distance healing (gifted) from us, we would feel privileged to do so, just let us know, we’re here to help any way we can.

    1. Post

      Dear Nikki,
      Anna says “Please say thanks to Nikki and Scott, and that I trust they’re using what they gleaned on the ICAT program 🙂
      Also no thanks to the healing offer as I have my team in place”
      We look forward to sharing this spectacular intimate conversation with you!
      Many blessings,

  2. The world is in turmoil as a result of human destruction. I always feel that animals souls are trying to guide us on how we can heal mother earth. What are they saying, what are their thought patterns, – is this perhaps the path that humans have to follow to reach higher spiritual attainment, are we just a sub-race of more ethereal and spiritual sub-races to come? what would they like us to know? Or rather – that we can know now.

    1. Post

      Dear Carmen,
      Thank you so much for your question for Anna. Dominique and I will go through all of them as they come in and share then with Anna, so she knows what people wish to hear about. We look forward to sharing this incredibly special event with you!
      With many blessings,

  3. dear anna…
    this will be a special day to me
    to learn about our relatives…
    i have no bank account or paypal
    can i send you the money x post finance?
    to your payment address?
    please let me know the relative info
    as otherwise = i need to relate to external help
    LOVEthanks for inviting=caring +sharing

    1. Post
  4. I discovered Anna several years ago and have been following her work with interest and admiration. Close to a decade ago I healed myself from Parkinson’s Disease using a form of medical qigong. I’ve noticed animals respond very positively to this, and would love to learn more about Anna’s work and how qigong may possibly support this. Also, I would like to gift Anna with two books I have written in this topic. Is there a mailing address? Thanks, Bianca Molle

    1. Post

      Dear Bianca,

      Thanks so much — will forward to Anna and look forward to sharing this powerful event with you!

      With many blessings,

  5. I discovered Anna soon after the documentary, “The Animal Communicator” was released and my life was forever changed. One of my deepest heart’s desires has been to very clearly and compassionately be able to dialogue with animals and other species. For years I’ve had my heart set on studying with Anna and admittedly, I think I’ve been resistant to study with other teachers, although that hasn’t stopped me from doing so (especially since Anna cut back her workshops after the release of the documentary and more recently, her health challenges). Although I have done a fair amount of studying and practicing animal communication and have had moments where I believe I received a clear communication, I still find myself struggling most of the time to “hear” (for me it’s more like a deep knowingness) any messages being communicated. I volunteer every week at an animal sanctuary near my home in Central Oregon and want so deeply to heighten my connection with them so that I can give them the best care possible.

    My question is two-fold…1) What guidance or suggestions might Anna have for someone like me who has experienced such difficulties receiving messages despite years of practice?; and 2) Being an extreme empath, I do get concerned that I won’t be able to emotionally handle some of the messages I receive from the animals and other species. Perhaps this has interfered with my ability to clearly communicate with them??? I wonder if Anna might have any thoughts or recommendations she’d like to share on this subject.

    Lastly, I wish to say how strongly Anna has been in my thoughts and prayers and that I see her fully recovering.

    I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to be on a live call with Anna on none other day than my Birthday! There’s no better way I can think of to spend my special day 🙂

    1. One more question…

      I wonder if or how Anna protects her energy so that she doesn’t take on any possible “negative” energies from the animals (or other species) or compromise her own well-being. I know of several healers who themselves get ill because they haven’t adequately protected themselves before or cleansed themselves after working with their clients. I ask this being sensitive of course to the health issues Anna is currently facing. Perhaps she has other thoughts on this she’d like to share…

  6. First of all, I thank to Anna for being such a special person. I am a distant follower of her work. Never met her, but I can feel her frequency. I am from Madrid (Spain) but I live long periods of my time in a community in the north of Italy called Damanhur. It would be awesome if she could visit us once and share with us her experiences.

    I find very difficult communication with a bird. What is your experience with this subject? Is there any other approach than for example a pet? I would very much appreciate if she could share in this webinar about her experience being bridge with other worlds, very specific with the nature spirits.

  7. I would like to know how this gift Anna has has been revealed to her. When in her life (age), in which conditions ? Has it evoluated/changed through time ? Does she think there is a link between her actual health condition and her ability to communicate with the natural world ? There are not only good spirits in the spiritual world (as in ours). I wish her all the necessary strength and confidence to recover as fast as possible, and to be able to learn from what she is going through. Ilness is a teacher. Many thanks for who she is and for what she has done, does and will do. Virginie (France)

  8. Hi there,

    Just a very quick practical question ^-^
    We’ll we be able to download the webinar after it ? Due to time zone differences,I’m not sure I’ll be able to join it live, but I would so love tooooooo !
    Sending love and gratitude to Anna for this sharing

  9. Hello to Anna and the team!
    I met Anna and Jon Young at the ICAT workshop at Findhorn in April, 2015 and the experience has had a profound effect on me.
    I’m sorry to hear of your health challenges, Anna, and all best wishes for a full return to strength and vitality.
    The link for questions on the main page doesn’t seem to be working so I just wanted to ask how we regular folk can best contribute to healing the planet and bringing humanity into an awareness of nature that will make them passionate about protecting it. Particularly is there any way to influence leaders and others whose minds seem closed but who could make a fast, huge impact if they wanted to. Thank you.

  10. Hello, if possible I would like to hear more about how to stay oneself with hope while seeing that more and more species just disappear because of humans ignorance….I feel strongly and more and more urgently how nature and animals crying and yearning for help, and this can be an overwhelming feeling….So sorry to hear that Anna is seriously ill, I’ll do wishes to Tara for her. I appreciate so much what she is doing and the way she is.
    Thank you..

  11. Dearest Anna,
    I was once told that my wildlife photos could heal people.
    It’s certainly not that I’m the greatest photographer, but I swear they gift these to me as the images are more powerful than I see through the lens. It brings me great joy, but I have yet to share them with the public. I had some whales tell me once “Dont cry for us we cry for you!”

    My physical body was damaged due to an accident, brain injury and later, Lymes and mold toxicity, etc…I’ve been strugling for the last 8 years and dropped all of my joy and work to try to save my life. But without joy, nature and wildlife it seems hopeless. It seems my quest to save my physical body has hurt my spirit, but that saying without your health you have nothing! Our world has become soo polluted that people who say we always have something “to learn from an illness” Havent been in the real toxic world, its a changed planet with more toxins than our body was meant to detox. Help!

    Do you have any words of guidance and wisdom for those of us that are iill? Certainly we will all die one day, but I do have a preference to have a healthier body and a more full life that goes with that. But on the other hand it seems acceptance and patience could be called for?

    I once thought I had a calling to communicate with wildlife and share my photography, now I wonder if it really matters? Is that just my ego? I would like to help this planets enviornment and wildlife, but feel hopeless, for my own health and the greater good.

    thank you and many blessings on your path, with much love

  12. Dear Anna –

    I became vegan due to the terrible plight of farm animals. However, when it comes to eggs and honey, I wonder if there are some hens on small family farms who are willingly overproducing and generously allowing their hosts to take their eggs, and whether most bees might be happy to trade honey for having a nice white house built for them, with a picket fence so to speak.

    Much love and waves of healing energy!

  13. Hello

    How does animal experimenting, specifically with apes and monkeys, impact the earth ? Or maybe it doesn’t ? It’s reprehensible to me that knowing what we know about communicating in sign language alone that this crime is still practiced. Thank you.

    E Henry

    1. Post

      Check out the Buddha at the GasPump Interview — there is a link on this page to it — just interviewd a few days ago and it’s really terrific — Enjoy!

  14. I’ve just found out about the webinar and signed up straight away.
    I am completely indebted and grateful to you, dear Anna, for (putting the finishing touches on!) changing my life overnight after seeing the film of Spirit. It was a eureka moment and I suddenly knew that animal communication and healing was my calling.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Not for only all you do and speak of, but as well for the amazing way you speak, which blows me away. You are a true advocate, able to reach people from all walks of life.
    So much love, respect and the best of wishes for your recovery. xxxxxxx

  15. Hello, I have just registered for Anna’s webinar. I admire her work immensely. Since I live in Australia, it will be 3am when the webinar takes place. Will I be able to receive a recording of the event. Thank you.
    Elizabeth Grace

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  16. I too love Anna’s work and just from watching her video have been able to communicate more effectively with the animals in my life.
    However, my darling 4 year old dog and I are having a problem. No matter how much I try to show her, if I leave her alone for any time at all (even five minutes in the bathroom) she gets so upset! I went out the other night for three hours and my neighbour told me she howled the entire time. She was both thrilled to see me when I got home and angry with me for having gone somewhere without her.
    Any suggestions for how to convey she is safe and everything is ok if I have to go out without her? She has not understood that sometimes I cannot take her with me. Restaurants and shops and cinemas for example. I must be sending the wrong pictures/feelings to her.
    I note, when we are out, she follows everything I ask her to do. But at home, she thinks it is 50/50 on who is in charge! Sweet and funny but I would like to change the dynamic a little. There are things she doesn’t know about the way things have to run in my house! I am aiming for collaboration rather than obedience and would love to convey more effectively that she can relax and trust I am looking after everything for her. She understands when I tell her I will be back soon, but it doesn’t help her feel secure if I am out of sight.
    any suggestions?

    1. Hi Laura, I just read your plight, I am sure Anna has more knowledge and experience in answering that, Have you heard of the Trust Technique? I am certain without a doubt that this might be helpful to strengthen your communication and bring trust and relief to this issue, in cooperation according to what you wrote. You can find them on YouTube

      Blessings ~


  17. Blessings to Anna and thank you for facilitating this experience to hear from her and connect. I have a practical question as I would love to listen in on the webinar but timing might be tough for me. Will this be available as a recording afterwards if I am not able to listen in on that date and time? Hoping this is the case so that I can go ahead and register.

    Blessings to Anna on her healing journey. Sending her so much love.

  18. Good morning,

    Sooooo disappointed to see that the event is sold out. My own fault.. didn’t think that an online event could actually be sold out.
    Nonetheless, is there any way I can still pay for the seminar and receive a recording of it after the event?

    And wishing Anna the absolute best.

    Thank you.

  19. Hi Victoria. Blessing to you and Anna. I tried to register for this webinar a few days ago, but it’s sold out. Sadly, this is always the case with her seminars. I have admired her work for many years. Will you please make this recorded webinar available for purchase? I’m sure there are many of us that would like to purchase it, since it’s sold out. I’m sure Anna would appreciate the extra income for her many pro bono cases. Much love and light to you both. Many thanks. 🙂

  20. Anna,

    May hope and joy find you during your healing. And may our
    earth recover along with you through all of our efforts.

    Gratitude for your work,

  21. Unfortunately the webinar is now sold out. Is it possible to purchase the recording of the webinar?
    I think this would be a win win situation for everyone.

  22. Hi Victoria

    Have also seen the event is sold out. If it is possible to attend could you also let me know via email.


  23. Anna,
    Sending you love, energy and light. So disappointed that your webinar is sold out and would appreciate any notification if it is available for purchase.
    With love and gratitude for your work.

    Carol Anne

    1. Post

      Dear Carole Anne, Pania and Jeffray,

      Just a note to let you all know that the reason we are capping the webinar at 300 participants is so that Anna’s body won’t be too over-taxed with a larger crowd in a live event. I apologize for this, and will let you know if there is any change once Anna is back from her current project. Meanwhile there is a great interview that Anna recently gave with Rick Archer for Buddha at the Gas Pump. The link to that is: Enjoy

    2. Post

      Dear Carol Anne,
      Anna’s assistant just let me know that as of July 1st I will be able to send you the link to the recording for free
      I believe that there is a donation button on Anna’s site, so if you’d like to make a donation of any amount, you will be able to do that there.
      So stay posted and I’ll send the link on July 1st!
      All the best,

  24. A word of thanks, to you Victoria and for your work, it was lovely to find your website and contributions in this world, and for your gathering this webinar

    Warm wishes,

    Limor Wolf

  25. Hi Victoria,

    I would also like very much to purchase video recording of the webinar if possible.
    Please email me if that is an option.

    Thank you,

    1. Post

      Dear Ana,
      I will be able to let you know about this later in the week. I’m hoping to be able to do this, but need to check on a few things.
      With many blessings,

  26. At the very last minute, a question: is it possible to communicate with extinct and very long-extinct species? Thank you if you can add this to the list. xxxxx

  27. I do not have the $ for this recording but would be so grateful to see it. I realize it is a very worthy cause. would you be willing got share it with me? Thankyou for your consideration. respectfully, margaret

    1. Post

      Dear Margaret,
      Anna’s assistant just let me know that as of July 1st I will be able to send you the link to the recording for free
      I believe that there is a donation button on Anna’s site, so if you’d like to make a donation of any amount, you will be able to do that there.
      So stay posted and I’ll send the link on July 1st!
      All the best,

  28. Dear Victoria, thank you so much for hosting this wonderful seminar, I am so disappointed to have missed the opportunity to listen to it by only a couple of months. I am an avid follower of Anna’s work and I am listening to most everything I can get my hands on online whilst I wait for her distance learning course to become available from her website. Is there any way that I can access this seminar? I am sending my thoughts to Anna constantly and I will be donating to her on her website.

    Thank you so much, and thanks for the ongoing work that you do!

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