Virtual Retreat Playlists

Music is such an exquisite and powerful way to uplift your energy, inspire higher awareness or create different frequencies in your environment. We have created several playlists of favorite music in several different categories for you to download and enjoy. We also encourage you to create your own and include music that brings you peace, stillness, joy or whatever frequency you wish to experience.

A new playlist for the Equinox includes music both angelic and jazzy — and not at all classical — called Riceboy Sleeps.

And another new playlist — hot off the press — our friend JJ’s Enlightenment Mix. Many thanks to her for gifting us all with this one.

The following are from our previous retreat:

indiaDreams of India includes several of our favorite Indian pieces and evokes the sense and quality of that sacred land.  This mp3 is about 45 minutes long and the music can be used for meditation if you’d like.

2015 Sounds True Plus is one that Sounds True created as a free download in the past. It showcases multiple styles of music, but all of it is soothing and meditative. The “Plus” in the title is for one favorite that we added at the end. This mp3 is just over one hour and can also be used for meditation.

The final playlist, Helios will introduce you to some very cool electronic music that you have probably never heard before, and which holds a very different quality. This mp3 is approximately one hour and ten minutes long. Click here to download.